At MensTime, we understand that men have unique challenges due to their gender and the expectations of the society from them, all of which sometimes have telling effects on their relationships and health; thus, we serve as a safe space for men to find the support they need and express themselves, free of any societal imposition on them. We are funded by the Department of Family and Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. We provide counselling, referral, and support services on the following:


The common notion is that men easily socialize and are painted to be alpha males. This notion makes men’s relationships difficult. Most times, most men struggle to live up to the societal perception of handling relationships.

Dad & Father

A child needs someone he/she would be able to look up to and call his/her father or dad. Imagine a world without fathers; what do you think will be the fate of every child?

Mental Health

Several men are having a number of mental health issues. This is due to the attitude of many men failing to talk to someone about challenges they are secretly battling. Men should understand that it is okay to talk to someone.

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Family Violence

Domestic violence can be suffered by both men and women who are in an intimate relationship. It is usually a form of abuse that can be in the form of physical or oral assault. Most times, many people think that it is the man who instigates such abuse in the relationship. This notion is best drawn from the physical attributes of a man.

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The average man should be concerned about his all-around wellbeing. This cut across both is mental, physical, and social wellbeing. However, it is quite unfortunate that most men hardly care about their all-around wellbeing.


In Australia, 1 in 4 men battle with anxiety. According to reports, it has been stated that anxiety is more notorious than depression in Australia, particularly among men.


Feeling sad, gloomy or moody is part of everyone’s existence. However, some people happen to have this gloomy feeling more often than without any specific reason. This feeling can last for more than days, weeks or even months.


Many people mistake stress for depression and anxiety. However, if the stress continues for a long time, it may result in depression and anxiety. Stress will also harm the health and overall wellbeing of a man.