Getting to know us

MensTime is a program that provides counselling, support, referrals, and groups for men. At MensTime, we understand that men have unique challenges due to their gender and the expectations of the society from them, all of which sometimes have telling effects on their relationships and health; thus, we serve as a safe space for men to find the support they need and express themselves, free of any societal imposition on them.  We are funded by the Department of Family and Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

Why Come to MensTime?

There are some who have the luck of having mates that they can talk things through with; it is not everyone who has such friends. Even for those who do, it may not be enough.

There are times you need a little more structure and information.  That’s when talking to a professional counsellor or attending a group will help you learn more about yourself and others and develop new skills to take you to where you want to be in your life.


Counselling at MensTime deals with men issues and is conducted by men for men. Counselling can help with issues relating to separation, parenting, relationships, depression, anxiety, anger regulation, work issues, grief and loss, communication and conflict resolution.

MensTime offers counselling sessions on a one-to-one basis in a confidential, safe and respectful environment and allows you to share your thoughts and feelings in ways that can bring new understanding to your problems and yourself. MensTime counsellors are tertiary qualified and experienced.


MensTime provides structured groups which are also informal and relaxed at the same time. In these groups, we exchange experiences, discuss life issues and explore possible options. This group serves to offer a variety of perspectives on issues. Participants examine and consider how these perspectives could work for them. With these groups, men can fill the void of having someone to discuss certain issues peculiar to the male gender within a non-judgmental and safe space.

Qualified Staff

All staff are qualified and experienced facilitators who have extensive knowledge of the material they present and have often written or developed the programmes themselves. All staff are supervised and undertake ongoing training and professional development.


All counsellors and group facilitators have signed an Oath of Confidentiality which they are bound to when it comes to group and counselling sessions. However, where there is a threat to an individual’s safety, adult or child, confidentiality may be waived. We understand the sensitivity of some of the discussions we have and make sure we maintain the confidentiality in which they are discussed. This further reinforces our goal of a safe space for all men.