Father Figures

A child needs someone he/she would be able to look up to and call his/her father or dad. Imagine a world without fathers; what do you think will be the fate of every child?

Parenthood is not easy, and as such, it’s not something you should join into. Every child needs care, affection and control. It will be unfair on any child if he/she misses out on such privilege. Every child is entitled to have someone whom he/she look up as a father figure. In the absence of a biological father, there are many persons that may take up the mantle of a father. For instance;


An uncle can take up the role of a father. The uncle can either be from the bloodline or marriage. Regardless of this, relationships that exist between the nephew or niece and such uncle would determine whether the uncle fits the role of an uncle. Such an uncle must have played a crucial role in the life of such a child for him to pass as his/her foster father.


Whether the biological father is present or not, a stepfather can also take up the role of father for his stepchild. He can also play an integral role in the life of the child by being a beacon of light for such a child.


There are situations in which a mentor can take up the role of a father-figure in the life of his or her mentee. This would depend on the kind of relationship that exists between both individuals.


In the absence of the father, some mother becomes single parents. Being a single parent, the mother becomes an automatic father figure. She would have no other choice than to take up the responsibility of the absent father. This would create a stronger bond between the child and the mother.


An adult who is a friend of the family can also become a father figure whom the child can look up to. In this kind of situation, the child must be willing to have a certain kind of relationship with such an individual.


Grandfather also has a very crucial role to play in the life of a child. In the absence of the biological father, the grandfather might take it upon himself to look after the child. By looking after the child, he has become a father figure whom the child looks up to as his father. After all, who best to look up to and pick bags of wisdom from, if not someone who has been around for a very long time. The grandfather ticks that perfectly.

Someone who is also a friend of the family might also take it upon himself to look after a child’s wellbeing.