Men and Stress

Many people mistake stress for depression and anxiety. However, if the stress continues for a long time, it may result in depression and anxiety. Stress will also have an adverse effect on the health and overall wellbeing of a man.

Stress is usually a normal state which pushes people to do a number of things and motivates them to do more. Stress has become part of our day-to-day life and should not really be a matter of concern. However, when stress becomes overwhelming, that is when the damage is said to start. It not only attacks your wellbeing; it also goes after your relationship, career, and other things.

Why do men stress?

There is this need to meet up with certain standards, which put pressure on most men. This kind of stress is not bad, and it forces you to want to level up. However, when it becomes obsessive, such kind of stress might eat you up. It heightens your expectations because you feel you put a lot of effort into achieving certain goals. When such an effort does not yield the expected result, the level of disappointment is always high. This is the major reason why work stress leads to overthinking and depression.

Stress can also occur during notable holidays and festive periods. During this time, most men want what is best for their families. To get the best for their families, some men go the extra mile to see that they satisfy their family, their extended family, visiting friends, among others. This stress would also merge with the existing work stress over the course of the year and lead to a breakdown.

Satisfying your family entails a lot. Sometimes, it can be stressful getting this done, particularly when you are in a toxic relationship.

You need to slow down when going through such a phase in your life.

What can stress do to you?

Stress can affect your mind

Stress can give you a panic attack; make you anxious. It can also lead to stress eating. When you stress eat, your physical health will be messed up. It can also lead to obesity.

Stress can also affect your mental health, as we have stated earlier. It can lead to depression and anxiety. It can also make you saucy and melancholy.

Stress and your physical health

Stress can severely damage your physical health and cause you constant headaches, body pain and migraine. If not well taken care of, it can also lead to heart problems such as hypertension and other related cardiovascular diseases.

What you can do

Rest at the appropriate time

Rest is very important and should more often. Getting quality sleep does not only keep you healthy. It also rejuvenates your body.

Recreational Activities

Engage in recreational activities. It will help you get your mind off work and other stressful activities.

Add vacation to your yearly activities

A vacation is an escape from all forms of stress. You can choose to travel and see some new places. This plan would make you feel relaxed and get things bothering you off your mind. When you return to work, your energy will be renewed, and you will feel happier.