Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can be suffered by both men and women who are in an intimate relationship. It is usually a form of abuse which can be the form of physical or oral assault.

Most times, many people think that it is the man who instigates such abuse in the relationship. This notion is best drawn from the physical attributes of a man. It is believed that men are more physical when compared to their opposite sex. However, this assertion might be so wrong, and it is not in all situations that men are the abuser.  Domestic violence can occur when a person sees the need to exact control over his or her spouse.

Men also suffer from this kind of abuse without them noticing.  If you notice any of these behaviours or you are engaging in any of this behaviour, you are in an abusive relationship.

Physical Violence

When you physically assault your spouse or constantly threaten to do so, you are engaging in domestic violence. Unwanted sexual activities with your partner are an example of domestic violence.

Duress and Undue influence

When pressure and threat are regularly in play in a relationship, such a relationship is toxic and should be avoided. Such pressure could be a constant threat to inflict self-harm, talks about leaving the relationship if children’s conditions are not met.

Emotional Blackmailing

When this is used in a relationship to get things done in your home, it is a clear instance of domestic violence. Emotional blackmail can also be used as a means of controlling one’s partner.

Mood Swings

This can also influence family violence if you transfer your aggression on your partner anytime you are going through a rough time.

Exacting control over your partner’s choice

When you fail to make your partner say in her life, it can also pass as a form of domestic violence.

Domestic violence can result in a number of problems in a relationship. It can lead to;

Complex Issue

Domestic violence can lead to serious complex issues for a partner who is suffering from violence. The partner will have very low self-esteem and would fail to trust his/her judgement.

Divorce and Separation

Domestic violence is one of the leading causes of divorce. This is because no human should be made to suffer such toxic relationships.

Legal implications

Once divorce and separation occur, legal action would arise. Legal actions on the grounds of domestic violence would have an adverse effect on your standing in society.

Financial loss

Once you are dubbed a wife-beater, you might lose your job, and financial problems might set in. Also, paying lawyers for the legal battle might also drain you financially.


Your mental health is also at risk once the news is out that you are toxic in a relationship. Friends would avoid you, and your social network would also want to lose their connection with you. Simply put, nobody wants to associate with an abusive person.