Depression in Men

Feeling sad, gloomy or moody is part of everyone’s existence. However, some people happen to have this melancholic feeling more often than without any specific reason. This feeling can last for a period of more than days, weeks or even months.

Depression is that kind of feeling that hampers your mental wellbeing and, at the same, your physical health too.

Most men do not know that they are battling depression. Most of them think it is a common mood swing. However, it lasts for a longer time than the general moodiness.

The telling signs that you are battling depression may include;

Self-pity and feeling unwanted

This is common among depressed people, and it makes them feel more melancholy. Most depressed people usually hide in isolation to prevent themselves from having constants with people.


Most depressed people tend to cut close family members and close friends off. They withdraw themselves from prying eyes by choosing to lead a secluded life for a small period of time.

Dependence on Drugs and alcohol

For them to get their vibe, they depend on the power of drugs and alcohol. This offers them nothing other than damaging their lifestyle. Once they become sober, they return to their depressed state.

Loss of self-esteem

Depression can lead to damage to a man’s self-worth. This is because every form of confidence would be lost during that period. It would take quite some time to build that confidence back. Again, an individual battling depression might use drugs or alcohol to build his confidence. However, this would lead to addiction.

The thought of someone who is depressed usually occurs with self-doubt, being a failure and frustration.

Most men suffer from depression, but they can seem to talk to someone. Most people suffering from depression usually keep this to themselves and pretend to be happy. The reason behind this facade to hide their unhappiness is to prevent people from questioning them. Also, society presents men as being in control, and those who cannot control their feelings are considered weak.

Most men suffer in silence because they do not want to be considered a weakling. Rather than for most men to talk to someone, they keep repressing their feelings. Repression, in the long run, would ultimately lead to depression.

Men should be educated about their mental wellbeing and the importance of talking to someone. Depression is curable; however, you cannot cure it on your own; you need to talk to an expert. A therapist will be of great help if you are battling with prolonged sadness and moodiness.

Depression does not only rob you of your happiness; it also renders you inactive. When you find yourself inactive, quite a number of evil thoughts would be racing in your head. Many of these thoughts are suicidal.

Suicide is never an option is more advisable that you ask for help once you start seeing early signs of depression.