Anxiety in men

In Australia, 1 in 4 men battle with anxiety. According to reports, it has been stated that anxiety is more notorious than depression in Australia, particularly among men.

It is normal to feel anxious and nervous, but when you are controlled by such feelings, your wellbeing is placed in jeopardy. For instance, you might be anxious to meet a new network, for an interview, trying new crafts, among other things. The problem with most men is that this anxious feeling never leaves them. Anxiety becomes the day-to-day lifestyle of such people. This stress will accumulate over the years, leading to post-traumatic stress PTSD.

There is no single cause of anxiety. It differs from individual to individual. Some men suffer from anxiety as a result of the nature of their work. Some of the leading cause includes;

Relationship challenges

When a man is faced with relationship challenges, he might be edgy and anxious. Anxiety would set in for him because he doesn’t know what might happen in the next minute in his relationship.

Once this kicks off in a man’s life, he might end up being controlled by the anxiety for the rest of his life if he fails to seek help.

Alcoholism and Drug

Addiction to drugs and alcohol might also explain the cause of anxiety in most men. Addicts are generally anxious lots who leave in uncertainty. Once drugs and alcohol rule you, you will be controlled by your anxiety.

Divorce Process

This is also a risk factor for the development of anxiety in men. The process of divorce is most times brutal and bitter. When the person whom you once loved leaves, it makes trusting another difficult.

Also, falling in love again would be difficult, and as such, most men are usually suffering from anxiety in their new relationship.

Financial instability

Most men that are not employed or stable financially usually have anxiety issues. Most men are rarely happy if they cannot meet their financial obligations. This makes them anxious because they do not want to rely on their wife for their finances.

Men should be made to understand that anxiety attack has nothing to do with being weak. It is a medical condition that can be well managed.

Many men suffering from anxiety would fail to tell or see someone for help because they feel they would be considered as a weakling, as stated before. This is quite wrong because seeing someone who is an expert would help you in a very way to manage the condition.

Having anxiety is not a death sentence; however, without talking to someone and treating it, it would be difficult to recover from it. Seeing someone to talk about is as difficult as you paint it to be. Men need to be encouraged to speak up.