Men and Mental Health

Several men are having a number of mental health issues. This is due to the attitude of many men failing to talk to someone about challenges they are secretly battling. Men should understand that it is okay to talk to someone.

Beyond the tough look and always trying to be in control, most men struggle with several challenges that would hamper mental health. Some of the challenges that affect mental health may be;

Financial difficulties

Most men become mentally drained if they cannot meet up with their financial obligations. Most times, bankruptcy hits harder it could bring about depression, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, among other mental-related issues. However, when this poses a problem for you, you need to speak to someone. This will not only help your mental health; it will also help you get a solution to your financial difficulties.

Divorce and Relationship problems

This is another leading cause of mental health issues among men. The divorce process is usually a laborious mental exercise. Most people think it affects only the woman; however, this is not true because it affects the man. However, most men will always act as if they are in control, but they are losing it deep down. To prevent this kind of situation from affecting their mental health, they need to talk about it with someone.

Drugs and Alcoholism

Most men battle with these two vices, and once addiction sets in, it would be a herculean task to dump those habits. This, in a way, could have adverse effects on the mental health of a man. Many men who struggle with these vices engage in the act secretly. Rather than a cry out for help, they keep on with the struggle in order not to be considered a weakling.

Workplace Pressure

Working in a toxic environment can also have a negative impact on mental health. It makes a man moody, unenthusiastic, edgy and melancholy. Most men will think they are in control rather than for them to leave such a job, and they would rather prefer not to hurt their ego.


When the mind is idle different obnoxious thoughts find their way into the mind of the man. A man needs to always keep his mind busy. Upon retirement, they should find petty jobs to keep them engaged during those periods.

Men need to understand that the societal standards for masculinity are doing them more than good. Individuals should set up standards that best work for them. They should be their own example and definition of what a man should be like.