Men and Relationships

Most people think that men are not emotional beings and are best at handling relationship issues. To what extent is this assertion true remains a question that requires critical examination. We will also be looking at relationship counselling for men and other aspects of men’s struggle in a relationship.

The common notion is that men easily socialize and are painted to be alpha males. This notion makes men’s relationships difficult. Most times, most men struggle to live up to the societal perception of handling relationships. Most men see intimate relationships as an easy channel for disrespect, and as a result of this, most men avoid intimate relationships at all costs. Most men operations on the Machiavellian principle of “it is better to be feared than to be loved. ” This principle has a lot of roles to play in both romantic and parental relationships of most men. This is because such kinds of men do not want to appear vulnerable.

When it comes to relationships, men need to understand that it evolves around vulnerability. Most men in relationships try to avoid exposing their vulnerable side to people, even those they profess to love. However, for a relationship to be said to be successful, such men must be willing to be vulnerable.

Most men struggle in relationships because they don’t want to lose their independent nature. Most men enjoy flying solo without any form of emotional attachment to anybody. They tend to struggle because they are bearing another person’s emotional responsibilities or are a form of responsibility to another person. If we are frank, relationships entail a lot of emotional responsibilities. If you are used to individual responsibility, there is a high probability that you would want to be alone with your thoughts.

If you are struggling with your relationship due to any of the stated conditions, we have some useful tips that you might find helpful.

You should know relationships are about emotional proximity with your partner. However, you should not lose yourself in the process. You should try and create a balance between your independent space and your relationship.

You should also be aware that a relationship is a pool of emotional risk. You must be willing to take such a risk. What this implies is that you must be willing to be vulnerable with your partner.

In relationships, you cannot overemphasize the place of trust. You must be able to trust your partner with your emotions and feelings. By this, you must be willing to open up. You must be able to talk about your flaws and with your partner. You are also able to express how you feel without being shy to show it.

There is a need to avoid the general societal notions such as” boys don’t cry,” “the Alpha male”, “the strong man is always in control”. All these are societal standards that necessarily don’t have to apply to you.